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  • MaraHaley Music
    One of the most dedicated men on the planet has spent a lot of time compiling the only authorised Preston Reed sheet music you'll find, go check him out

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  • Hugh MacLeod
    "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards" this is not the only thing Hugh gets up to, go have a look...


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Hugh MacLeod

Rock on, Preston!

Jeff Schmidt

Great to see you blogging Preston!

This is a terrific entry. Thanks so much for sharing these important ideas!


Glad you followed Hugh's advice. You'll be pleased to know that thanks to Hugh you now have at least one fan in Australia (sure hope there's more than me, though - for your sake)!


Hello Preston,
I've seen you play twice now at the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford after my brother raved about you, after seeing you at the Findhorn Centre in Forres, Scotland.I continue to be amazed.I was knocked out to see you mention Jaco Pastorius, my Bass Guitar hero.I saw him live with Weather Report and Joni Mitchell and you don't forget the experience. I bought the Biography you mention in the US and it came with a CD inside the back cover ( a few years ago ) and is worth reading to understand the guy. I liked the tale about when he was broke and out of it on various substances he borrowed a mate's Fender Bass and filed off all the frets to make it play like his old Fender Jazz Bass!
Have you heard anything by Renaud Garcia Fons ? Something unique - he plays a bowed 5 string double bass and is special.
Keep up the wonderful work !


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Although I am not a composer, I am a writer, and I think many of the same motivations and processes are shared by all who utilize their creative impulses in some manner.

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