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    One of the most dedicated men on the planet has spent a lot of time compiling the only authorised Preston Reed sheet music you'll find, go check him out

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    "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards" this is not the only thing Hugh gets up to, go have a look...


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I wish someone would find a way to release his private papers. I'm vague friends of a guy who's actually seen some of Pastorius' unpublished work.

Personally, I like his work with Weather Report and Herbie Hancock.


Welcome to the club, of Jaco fans that is. He was indeed tasteful and appropriate to the tunes, which is underrated today (especially amongst us guitarist). Jaco Was a tone snob in the best possible sense of the saying. I know sound guys who worked with him in the past, he sure came from a place I’ve never been to but the roads cross some where.


A big Fan

Hugh MacLeod

Cool article, Preston =)

More Jaco info here:


I didn't came back (sorry, my english is very poor) here for a very very long time...

... what a wonderful article! This musician is so unknow here... I do not understand... he is so magic, so incredible... I was precisly litening his music :)

Mister Preston Reed, please come back in France, we'll miss you :/ (and you can buy Pat Metheny's and Jaco Pastorius' discs for only 9 euros :p ... no, no, I do not try to make you oblige you O:o)

... bizoox from France :)

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